started the level Design

after we have implemented the last Features in code like the air System when the char is underwater - we began with the Level Design process itself. So the Focus is in exploration stuff which means we want you to revisit a level 2 or 3 times to discover all its secrets and hidden stuff. So we hide som eastereggs and also some stuff you need to finish the game at 100 percent. For Example in the Level you see on this screenshot there are 3 possible ways the main way which can be done easily by simple running through, the top way which requires doubble jump skill and the water level way which requires the fireshot ability to pass the gate. so in the best case you enter the level giong through all 3 passages collect all items and go to the finishline. Thats important because in every level there is a Gem when you collect all crates from a level you get another gem, to pass 100 percent of the game all gems are needed, you are familiar with this from the crash Games.

The Game itself will be orientated on the best classic games of all time so we picked their best abilities and inserted them into the game process. 

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